The Aerial Bomber is a primary weapon for the Trooper. It has -20% less self-splash damage when rocket jumping, this stacks with the Gunboats, which allows you to freely rocket jump around with at the cost of very little health lost. When the user is airborne via rocket jumping, this weapon fires 60% faster, letting you rain hell down to your enemies, not only that however, upon a kill, your clip size increases by one. This caps out at 4 kills, making your maximum rockets in a clip to be 8. As its name suggests, this weapon is amazing for bombing single targets, allowing you to fire up to 8 rockets in quick succession, leaving your unfortunate target no chance to escape the hell that is about to be upon them. But it's a whole lot weaker than other rocket launchers on ground combat, because of its damage penalty and reduced splash radius. It rewards you for bombing, and punishes you for not doing so, the ideal weapon for the roamer role, where your main goal is to nuke the enemy team. Similar to other weapons such as the Soulsucker, where you start off weaker than normal and get stronger and stronger the more kills you get without dying, the Aerial Bomber makes you more effective after every successful bombing run. Though highly ineffective in small, tight maps where there's less space to rocket jump, it becomes very powerful in big and open maps where you have a wide-open space to jump around. Overall, a great tool for air bombers, but a weak weapon for ground fighters


  • Don't just cluelessly jump into a group of enemy and expect to kill everyone, communicate with your team and see if they're distracted enough for you to attempt a clean run


  • The Aerial Bomber is held incorrectly, as the trigger is at the back of the gun
  • Its model is from a roblox gear called Heat Seeking Missile Launcher
  • This weapon used to be called the Army of One, which may be a reference to a tf2 custom weapon by the same name