"You are an amateur and a FOOL!" - Agent, when dominating another Agent.


The Agent is the counterpart to Team Fortress 2's Spy class. The only differences are that the Agent is female and originates from Italy. The Agent is a support specialist, specialized in picking off high-value targets by cloaking behind the enemy line and disguising as anyone in the enemy's team. Unlike the Spy, the Agent can only disguise as one class if there is an enemy player using that class. Also unlike the Spy, the Agent can freely select between any player to disguise at any time. She is used for important picks, sometimes even changing the outcome of the match entirely. She is also specialized in taking out sentry nests, in which her sapper can disable and destroy any of the Mechanic's buildings. The Agent does not have a primary, instead, her revolver secondary fills in the slot of a primary weapon, while the sapper takes the secondary slot. The Agent also has the ability to backstab a player, instantly killing them upon attacking from behind with the knife




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  • The Agent used to be male and share lines with the Mechanic.
  • The Agent had several changes like outfit designs.
  • The Agent used to have a Top Hat and Bandana on his default avatar. These became cosmetic items after their gender switched.
  • The Agent used to not be able to disguise.
  • The Agent also used to have a different sound for cloaking and uncloaking.
  • The Agent's last normal design was her having messier hair, this then became her design for the Tie Up.
  • The Agent's gibs are from her 2016-17 design, back when she was a guy.


  • Cloaking and decloaking are loud. Try not to decloak directly next to an enemy, because you'll die before you can do anything.
  • Trickstabbing is far more difficult in TC2. You'll need to imagine an equilateral triangle coming out of the Agent's back, and aim to stab near the middle.
  • Sapped buildings take 33% less damage from your attacks. Don't attack a sapped building unless an enemy is near it or it is causing trouble for your team. A lone sentry can be easily destroyed but a protected or level 2+ sentry may be troublesome. A lone dispenser is completely useless but is also a free health/ ammo pack for enemies. A lone teleporter can be easily camped but once a power class walks through it can severely harm your team. Always be aware of what you sap, you might not know when it will come in handy.
  • Don't use the disguise kit when you're near your teammates. An enemy will probably notice that none of your teammates are trying to kill you so you'll start to look suspicious.
  • Use the disguise kit when you're hiding during the Humiliation phase. (When your team loses the match and has to let themselves get killed by the enemy team due to being unarmed.)
  • When disguising as a marksman, pretend that you're gonna snipe someone. by crouching and walking a bit in the same spot, so if a mechanic is in front of you, sap his building then backstab him.
  • A riskier, yet effective tactic when playing agent is to backstab a mechanic tending his buildings and immediately sapping his sentry afterwards. If you're fast enough, you'll be able to take out an entire nest in one fell swoop. Do note that this will only work if the sentry's back is facing towards you... be wary!
  • Arsonists are absolutely LETHAL if you're playing agent, they can put you on fire which can temporarily remove your invisibility, it's best to attack them if you have the icicle or your revolver out.
  • Trickstabbing should not be used all the time. In most cases, it is better to use your gun or run away when caught.


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