"Oh please, just stay down." - Agent, when dominating a Marksman.


The counterpart to Team Fortress 2's Spy class, however, she is female and supposedly originates from Italy.

The Agent is a ninth class in-game. She is a support class who specialises in slaughtering opposition defences, picking off high-value victims by cloaking behind the enemy line and disguising as anyone in the opposition's team. Unlike the Spy, the Agent can only disguise as a class if an opponent player is using said class. Also, unlike the Spy, the Agent can unobstructedly decide between any player to disguise them-self at any time. She is utilised for crucial characters, sometimes even altering the outcome of the match undividedly, thus being one of the most strenuous classes to play. She mainly specialises in hunting out sentry nests, in which her sapper can incapacitate and terminate any of the Mechanic's buildings.

The Agent does not possess primary weaponry. Instead, her revolver secondary appoints in the slot of a primary weapon, while the sapper takes the secondary slot. The Agent also can back-stab a player, spontaneously killing them upon striking from behind with her Knife.


New Cloak Revolver.png New Ambassador.png New Enforcer.png Revolver.png
Cloak Revolver Ambassador Enforcer Revolver
New Swift Stiletto.png YER.png Kunai.png GKnife 1Correct.png Knife.png Icicle proper.png
Swift Stiletto Your Eternal Reward Kunai Golden Knife Knife Icicle
Png-0.png Cloak & Dagger.png Invis-Watch.png
Dead Ringer Cloak & Dagger Invis-Watch
Sapper.png Sapper.png
Sapper Disguise Kit


Hard News.png Bandito.png Aces High.png Tie Up.png Drama Queen.png BFOB BG.png
Hard News Bandito Aces High Tie Up Drama Queen Brim Full of Brains
Bat Blockers.png Map Maker's Cap.png Ghast Mask.png TheDetective.png
Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask The Detective


  • The Agent used to be male and share lines with the Mechanic.
  • The Agent had several changes like outfit designs.
  • The Agent used to have a Top Hat and Bandanna on his default avatar. These became cosmetic items after their gender switched.
  • The Agent used to not be able to disguise.
  • The Agent also used to have a different sound for cloaking and uncloaking.
  • The Agent's last normal design was her having messier hair, this then became her design for the Tie Up.
  • When Agent initially had her gender swapped, she had the voice-lines from HL2's female NPC, somewhere in 2019 she used the female spy lines (DustyOldRoses). The voice-lines were changed again on October 2020.
  • Agent is currently voiced by BethyVA.
  • The Agent used to be called Disguiser.
  • Agent used to have classic Brute's face in 2017


  • Try to disguise and decloak NEAR THE ENEMY SPAWN. A green agent coming from the red spawn area is way too obvious.
  • Cloaking and decloaking are loud. Try not to decloak directly next to an enemy, as they may take notice and ensure your demise.
  • Trick-stabbing is far more difficult in TC2. You'll need to imagine an equilateral triangle coming out of the target's back, and aim to stab near the middle
  • Sapped buildings take 33% less damage from your attacks unless using the Enforcer. Don't attack a sapped building unless there is any real danger of the Sapper being removed or nobody is near to stop you. A lone sentry can be easily destroyed but a protected or higher-level sentry may be troublesome. A lone dispenser is completely useless but is also a free health/ammo pack for enemies. A lone teleporter can be easily camped but once a power class walks through it can severely harm your team. Always be aware of what you sap, you might not know when it will come in handy.
  • Don't use the disguise kit when you're near your teammates. An enemy will probably notice that none of your teammates are trying to kill you so you'll start to look suspicious.
  • Using the Disguise Kit near the end of the round that your team is losing will cause you to still look like you are wielding a weapon during Humiliation. An aware enemy will notice that you do not emit crit-boost particles, however, and may still kill you.
  • When disguising as a Marksman, pretend that you're gonna snipe someone by crouching and walking a bit in the same spot, so if a Mechanic is in front of you, sap his building then back-stab him.
  • A riskier, yet effective tactic when playing agent is to back-stab a mechanic tending to his buildings and immediately sapping his sentry afterwards. If you're fast enough, you'll be able to take out an entire nest in one fell swoop. Do note that this will only work if the sentry's back is facing towards you... be wary!
  • The Arsonist is highly dangerous to even the best-equipped Agent. After-burn from their Flamethrower will show through your Disguise and Invis-Watch's Cloak, signalling to the enemy team that you are a turncoat.
  • Trick-stabs, while effective and often satisfying to pull off, may not always be the best choice for disposing of an enemy. Switch to your Revolver if you find yourself in need of backup.
  • Remember, backstabbing isn't the only option. Agent still has a gun, so don't be afraid to use it.
  • Please don't be the third Agent. When playing please try to contribute to the team, especially when there is a level 3 sentry killing everyone and everyone refuses to become Trooper or Annihilator.
  • If you're using the Dead Ringer, try using the Ambassador if you're more of an aggressive type. If you try to use the Dead Ringer as a cloaking device, you're better off with the Invis-Watch or the Cloak & Dagger.


Agent Voice Commands

Agent Domination Lines

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