The Annihilator is based on the Demoman from Valve's Team Fortress 2. He's an all-around generalist that have great offensive capability with his grenade launcher, but also great defensive capabilities with his stickybomb launcher, being able to defense objective even when the Annihilator is away, as well as placing stickies trap in doorways to instantly kill any enemy walking by. The Annihilator is also one of the best class for taking down sentry nests, thanks to his ability to deal massive damage at once using the stickybomb launcher, leaving the Mechanic no time to repair his buildings.


Coming Soon

  • Irish Guard (Scottish Resistance)
  • Golden Frying Pan



  • The Annihilator is a frontline crowd control-area control generalist class, Use your stickybombs near a chokepoint such as the brown boards in Rooftops.
  • Always make use of both of his explosive weapons, the Grenade Launcher is useful for direct combat and finishing off enemies or spamming chokepoints where stickybombs cant reach.
    • If you prefer one over the other, consider trading them off for utility tools like the Squire Boots or the Sticky Jumper
  • Never spam your projectiles at an enemy that's too far away, not only will you waste ammo but they will know your location and alert their team for backup.
  • If an enemy's weakness is also longer ranges, shoot at the ground with your grenade launcher, the grenades will rolls and hit deal splash damage.



  • Stickies don't have damage fallout or ramp up, instead they have increased damage based on their time on the ground. This is sudden and happens after 5 seconds (this feature is confirmed by DevRolve).
  • Currently Annihilator has the most unlockables out of any class.