"Need some help, NOW!" -One of Annihilator's Help voice line


The Annihilator is a fourth class in Rolve's Typical Colors 2 who is based on the Demoman from Valve's Team Fortress 2. The Annihilator is a defense class who specializes in defense by setting traps. All-around generalist that has great offensive capability with his grenade launcher, but also great defensive capabilities with his stickybomb launcher, being able to defend objectives even when the Annihilator isn't there, as well as placing sticky traps in doorways to instantly kill any enemy walking by. The Annihilator can also use his stickybomb launcher to blast jump around the map he is playing on.

The Annihilator is one of the best classes for taking down sentry nests, thanks to his ability to deal massive damage at once using the stickybomb launcher, leaving the Mechanic no time to repair his buildings. Due to his grenade launcher, the Annihilator can get high damage hits on buildings as well.

Because of the Annihilator's shields, swords, and boots, the Annihilator can play as the Anniknight subclass. The Anniknight subclasses shield can be used to charge at enemies and the sword can be used to kill them quickly.


Grenade Launcher.png Iron Bomber.png Ultimatum.png Loch-n-Load.png New Loose Cannon.png Squire Boots.png
Grenade Launcher Iron Bomber Ultimatum Loch-n-Load Loose Cannon Squire Boots
Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 11.49.31 AM.png Parabomber.png
Galway Greaves Parabomber
Stickybomb Launcher.png Irish Guard-0.png Irish Guard.png Sticky Jumper.png Chargin Targe.png Spartan Shield.png
Stickybomb Launcher Quickiebomb Launcher Irish Guard Sticky Jumper Chargin' Targe Gladiator's Guard
Bloody Bracer.png Tide Turner.png Ragin Bull.png
Bloody Bracer Tide Turner Ragin’ Bull
Sword.png New Battle Axe.png New Caber.png GPBG.png Soulsucker 2.png Katana.png
Sword Battle Axe Caber Golden Frying Pan Soulsucker Katana
Elegant Blade.png Spartan Savior.png
Elegant Blade Spartan Savior


  • When playing on an open world map, use the Irish guard so that you can get to the control point faster and destroy any enemies/buildings on it. (Similar to trooper airbombing).
  • The Annihilator is a front-line crowd control-area control generalist class, Use your stickybombs near a chokepoint such as the brown boards in Rooftops.
  • Always make use of both of his explosive weapons, the Grenade Launcher is useful for direct combat and finishing off enemies or spamming chokepoints where stickybombs cant reach.
    • If you prefer one over the other, consider trading them off for utility tools like the Squire Boots or the Sticky Jumper
    • The Annihilator can set up traps by using any of his Sticky launchers, to do it you need to place some stickies where the enemy team can go through however hitscan weapons can destroy stickies so make sure you put the sticky where the enemy team don't expect it.
    • When playing as a defensive Annihilator, the Irish Guard (Scottish Resistance) is the best choice you have as it doesn't explode every sticky bomb that you put, but rather only exploding the sticky bombs that you're looking at.



  • Stickybombs don't have damage fall off or ramp up. instead, they have increased damage based on their time on the ground. This is sudden and happens after 5 seconds (this feature is confirmed by DevRolve).
  • The Annihilator had the least head accessory changes.
  • The Annihilator's Grenade Launcher used to be a lot more darker.
  • Despite being Irish, a majority of his weapons have not had their names changed from Team Fortress 2, often resulting in them having Scotland-related names, such as the Loch-n-load.
  • The Annihilator uses the old voicelines from the Trooper in a much deeper voice.
  • Annihilator used to be called Demolitions.
  • Annihilator in early stages of TC2 had a shotgun as his secondary weapon.

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