"I can feel it throb..."

― Wherewolf


The Anniknight is an Annihilator subclass based on the Demoknight subclass from Team Fortress 2. It sacrifices the ranged and explosive capabilities of the Annihilator, in return for damage resistance and the ability to charge. A pure Anniknight will only use the Squire Boots and a shield of their choice, you cannot use any weapon but your melee weapon. Because of that, this subclass has a very unique playstyle, charging head-first at your enemy and cut their head off with your almighty sword. Your boots grant extra health and more turning control for the shield, making it more effective.

Anniknight splits into 3 categories: Basic, Level up, and Reset. Basic is the most basic type, this category is based around using swords that don't grand any special effect upon kills, such as the stock Sword and the Battle Axe. Level up is about using weapons such as the Soulsucker to collect heads, this is all about starting weak, but get stronger and faster the more kills you get. Reset is about using weapons that either refill your charge (either a shield or a sword) or give you health on kill, such as the katana


  • Stay at a medium distance between your target before charging, the longer the charge, the more damage you can deal
  • Don't use charge as a mobility tool unless it is necassery. You wouldn't know if an enemy flanks by.