The Arbronist is an Arsonist subclass. The Arbronist subclass revolves around protecting your Mechanic teammates and help him set up his sentry nest as an Arbronist. Most Arbronists use the Homewrecker, sacrificing mobility tools like the Powerjack in return for the ability to remove sappers from friendly Mechanic's building. An Arbronist can do many things to assist the mechanics like agent checking, reflect projectiles, removing sappers, and many more. Arbronists are really great teammates to have and can be a valuable asset to your team and Mechanic.


  • Before you remove the sapper, make sure you've killed the agent or chased them away first
  • You are not a sentry gun, don't stick in a room and hastily reflect projectiles whereas you could run up to the enemy and burn them.
  • Protecting the Mechanic is more important than protecting his buildings. If you have to choose between saving either of the two, always pick the Mechanic
  • If the Mechanic is away searching for metals, your job is to protect his building while he's away