"That is the plan." -One of Arsonist's "Yes" voice lines.


The Arsonist is based off of the Pyro from Team Fortress 2. They wear a gas mask covering the entirety of their face. Their design is more similar to that of a firefighter, although they're still a pyromaniac. The Arsonist's role on the battlefield is to extinguish teammates, reflect incoming projectiles, cancelling Anniknight Charge pushes, stop supercharge pushes, checking areas for Agents, and clear out crowds of people. The Arsonist is an excellent specialist to run on defense due to their ability to reflect incoming explosive spam from Troopers and Annihilators. Their afterburn is especially dangerous if the enemy team doesn't have a competent Doctor or a well-placed dispenser, and their airblast can be a great killing tool if the enemy is near an edge. But their biggest downside is their inability to attack enemies at a longer distance, forcing you to take flank routes and stick to small corridors, where they can deal the most damage.





Coming Soon

  • Flare Gun
  • Phlogistinator
  • Dragon's Fury
  • Detonator
  • Manmelter
  • Scorch Shot
  • Thermal Thruster
  • Gas Passer



  • The Arsonist is not known to have a gender.
  • The Arsonist's face is the same as the old Brute.
  • The Arsonist's flamethrower used to be a flame-shooting pistol in the prehaul, a bullet-shooting flamethrower in the rehaul and now it's an actual flamethrower.


  • Only engage in combat if the enemy is close enough to you.
  • Only chase the enemy if you know they are not near their teammates, they might be fleeing to their team where you would most likely stand no chance.
  • Although W+M1 is a generally good tactic, it's much more effective to use your airblast in a fight against classes with projectile weaponry, as airblasting their weapons deal mini-crits
  • When your enemy is on a Ledge it is a good idea to use Airblast
  • If you ever encounter an enemy Mechanic with a Level 3 Sentry, it's best to airblast his rockets back at him, unless he has an Arbronist sitting next to him.


Arsonist Voice Commands

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