The Atomizer is a utility melee weapon for the Flanker, it allows the user to perform an extra jump when the weapon is active, letting you use it in a pinch like escaping a direct rocket. This weapon also has a -50% deploy speed penalty, this makes switching to the Atomizer a whole lot slower, and can put you in a disadvantage when being ambushed. The triple jump deals 10 self damage when used, so use it weapon wisely. It has a 15% slower firing speed, but it can also deal mini-crit damage when the user is airborne, so it can deal slightly more damage than stock, while still being able to use a triple jump, though it is very difficult to attack your enemy with a melee weapon while in mid-air, as your control is significantly reduced while airborne, making this a situational upside. Overall, it's an interesting utility weapon, increasing the Flanker's already strong mobility, letting him reach even more flank routes and hard-to-reach spots, a great tool to have with you


  • If you're in a situation where you're forced to use your melee weapon, jump to where you expect your enemies to be at for a better chance of landing your hits
  • You can get the third jump ONLY when the weapon is fully deployed, so remember to take it about before-hand
  • Use the triple jump it grands you to combat Trooper and Annihilator by dodging your rockets and grenades