Attack/Defense is a Gamemode in which, one team (GRN) is the attacking team, and the other team (RED) is the defending team. The attacking team must capture the control points of the defending team before time runs out, the defending team must defense their control points until time runs out. Each time a control point is taken, more time is rewarded to the attacking team. If control points are taken too quickly after one another, the time rewarded will be lesser

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  • Always remember the location of health or ammo packs, especially in places where there is a heated firefight.
  • Remember to stay away from unnecessary places, the attacking team should try to avoid anywhere beyond the control point, it is just as pointless for the defending team to defend the first point after it is captured.
  • Never go alone as a power class, you can be easily out-damaged by several enemies.



Gorge is an Attack/Defense map that has 2 control points and 3 spawn points (2 for GRN, 1 for RED).


Dustbowl is an Attack/Defense map with 2 control points and 2 spawns.

Yellow Valley

Yellow Valley is a 5CP and Attack/Defense map.

Classes Strategy
Flanker (Offense) The Flanker's Job would be to flank around the map and pick off enemies. Your main role would obviously be capturing the point, however many Flankers run to the middle and snipe buildings with their pistol or pick off enemy marksmen. Be careful when going to the middle as any sentry gun can easily kill you.
Flanker (Defense) Although not meant for defensive play, the Flanker can support mechanics and doctors by picking off anyone that tries to kill them. Your job is to make sure the enemy doesn't advance by distracting them and taking out their teleporters
Trooper (Offense) The Trooper's job would be to clear enemies out from an area, using blast jump to get to the high ground and bombing from there. Using the Direct Hit can change the tide of battle by destroying enemy Sentry Guns and wrecking backup defenses. A good Trooper would also rally their teammates to the control points.
Trooper (Defense) The Trooper is quite good at defending an area by bombing the field from the many porches and crates. Your main targets are enemy power classes and killing them is your priority.
Arsonist (Offense) There is little you can do with the Arsonist on offense. Although you can pick off unsuspecting enemies, the Flanker can do everything but better. Unless there is an enemy Agent sapping your team's buildings, you might as well switch to other classes.
Arsonist (Defense) An Arsonist is very good on defense, being able to kill enemy Agents easily, dropping down from the porch for surprise attacks, reflecting oncoming projectiles, The arsonist is key to defending your Mechanic's base. Never go into the GRN yard, since Marksmen can easily kill you.


Your only job is to destroy Sentry Nests with your explosives, which can be difficult since your projectiles arc. However if your team needs another power class the Annihilator can finish off heavily wounded enemies or break up groups off enemies, allowing the flanking classes to finish them off.
Annihilator (Defense) The Annihilator is excellent at defensive play, being able to create stickybombs in many chokepoints or knockback the heavier classes, an Annihilator can be devastating to the attacking team.
Brute (Offense) The Brute, when working with a Doctor, can bring doom to Sentry Nests and all of its inhabitants, mowing down the defenses and shredding any class to bits. However, watch your ammo count as it can cause many delays to a Doctor's supercharge
Brute (Defense) The Brute, when working with a Doctor, can bring doom to the oncoming forces from the attacking team, mowing down all power classes and buildings in a single charge. However remember to refill your ammo at downtimes, because you are nothing but a nuisance without your minigun.
Mechanic (Offense) A Mechanic can quickly transport enemies to the frontlines or even the backlines with teleporters, a good Mechanic would probably put their teleporter in a safe place such as behind a corner or in a small room. Using a dispenser near the chokepoint between your team and the objective is also very handy.
Mechanic (Defense) Having a Mechanic is key to defending on Attack/Defense, using a Sentry Gun to deny access from multiple choke points (such as Gorge's GRN building) using a teleporter to bring teammates instantly to the frontline can keep the enemies at bay. However, watch out for Agents as they can bring havoc to everything you own.


A Doctor will usually pocket a Brute or Trooper, giving invincibility against Sentry Guns and usually destroying the whole nest, having a Doctor is key to breaking in areas where it is heavily defended.
Doctor (Defense) A Doctor on defense, while not as powerful, can still change the tide of the battle, keeping teammates in top shape while using supercharge when your patient is dying from direct firepower.
Marksman (Offense) A Marksman is surprisingly powerful in offense if you can aim well, being able to clear out the defenses from afar. most offensive Marksmen will use the Laser Rifle to destroy Buildings faster and instant clear out the enemy marksmen. Watch out for Agents when venturing to a sniping point since one swing will kill you and the entire defending team has a huge chance to regain ground and patch up defenses.
Marksman (Defense) Having a Marksman is key to defending a point, clearing out the field from afar and preventing making the enemy team paranoid, allowing your team to set up defenses in flank points to ensure an even more defensive place. Watch out for enemy marksmen as they are your priority target.
Agent (Offense) The Agent, with abilities of disguising, sapping and backstabbing, can really disrupt the defending team. Starting from the back killing the Marksmen and progressing forward, if there is no advancing backup try finding the teleporter, but not before sapping the buildings, especially the Sentry Gun, of the Mechanic. When sapping a building, shoot at it as well to destroy it faster, though a level 1 sentry is no challenge for a power class.
Agent (Defense) The Agent is limited to purely flanking and sapping the teleporters. while it is very useful to instantly take out the Brute and Doctor combo, once they find out and die they will try and hunt you down. Your revolver is nothing compared to explosives or a minigun, so be very careful.
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