The Baby Face's Blaster is a primary weapon for the Flanker. Upon a successful hit, you gain "boost" depending on the damage dealt, This immediatly gives the Flanker a speed boost depending on how much boost you gained, but it also has a -20% slower movement speed at first, reducing your speed to the same as a Doctor as first, and gain it back after getting a bit of charge. Though, you do lose 1% of your boost for every 1 damage taken, forcing the user to be good at making decisions, and their ability to dodge projectiles. The boost can be built up with other weapons, so you could spam from afar to build boost. You also lose 2% boost per second, forcing you to keep fighting in order to keep the speed boost. A Flanker with a full boost can outpace everything in the game, making you an extremely hard target to hit. Overall, the Baby Face's Blaster can be a deadly weapon the right hand, when the user knows how to make use of its full potential


  • Use this to quickly finish low health targets and get out quickly.
  • This is most effective when you know that there are plenty of targets around to negate the -2% boost per second.
  • Ambush enemies that aren't watching flank points.