Badges are quests that can be completed and recorded onto your Roblox profile. They can be obtained by reaching certain goals or being in a certain situation. This page logs all badges in TC2.

Badge Icon Badge Name Description Map Icon
Powerhouse Badge.png
Powerhouse Win a game of Capture the Flag in 4 minutes. Turbine (Old)
Metallic Disk Mayhem.png
Metallic Disk Mayhem Have a capture count of 5 people on a single capture objective in King of the Hill. Lakeside (Old)
Fortress of Friends.png
Fortress of Friends Play with a friend on the same server. Doublefort
The Leader.png
The Leader Five Roblox users followed you into your session. Calamity (Old)
Deuces Team up with a friend in the same server and eliminate an enemy. Gorge
Canyon Crossers.png
Canyon Crossers


Win a game on Calamity on offense. Calamity (Old)
It's Cold Outside.png
It's Cold Outside On Himalaya, capture the control point in 15 seconds or less of it becoming available and win the match. Himalaya
And It Begins.png
And it Begins Reach Level 10. Calamity (Old)
Showstopper Reach Level 25. Gorge
Pandemonium Reach Level 50. Rooftops (Old)
Golden Reach Level 75. Gorge
Pipes, Rockets and Bullets.png
Pipes, Rockets and Bullets Achieve Rank 100. Consider taking a break to drink some water. Unknown, possibly old Lakeside?
Pay The Toll.png
Pay the Toll Successfully defend Calamity without letting the payload cart cross the bridge. Calamity (Old)
Height Hazard.png
Height Hazard Eliminate an enemy via a falling hazard. Rooftops (Old)


  • In Powerhouse, the previous Turbine map is shown.
  • In Metallic Disk Mayhem, an old version of Lakeside is shown.
  • In Fortress of Friends, an unused version of Doublefort is shown, where the GRN base matches the BLU base instead of the RED base.
  • In Deuces, you can spot the Rehaul version of Gorge.
  • In Pandemonium and Height Hazard, the previous Rooftops is shown.
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