The Black Box is a primary weapon for the Trooper. It has the upside of granting up to 20 health per hit, but has one less rocket. This is an amazing survivability tool for when your teammates can't do much keeping you alive, splash damage will also counts toward your gained hp. If an Arsonist deflect the rocket, said Arsonist will gain the health instead of the user, should it hit someone. It's designed to increase sustainability of the player using it, allowing them to stay on the battlefield much longer without the assistant of their teammates. Although losing one rocket might not seem like much, it can really make a difference, by losing one rocket, your rocket jumping ability is further limited, and your overall damage output is reduced. It can be very strong in certain situations, but you must remember that your enemy can very easily out-damage your healing


  • Don't charge head-first into the enemy line, 2-3 enemies can simply kill you on the spot before you get a chance to heal yourself
  • Play carefully, you only have 3 rockets instead of the usual 4