Blastport is an upcoming Payload map. In its current rendition, it is a Payload map with three checkpoints, compared to Calamity's two, making it the longest Payload map in the game thus far.

The map is inaccessible in the main game, at least, for the time being. However, it can be played on VIP servers and in the CTE server.

Half of the map is grey-boxed due to a lack of proper detailing and textures, as development for the map is still underway.

Many complaints for the map center around its visuals; people often disregard that this map is still a work in progress.


  • This map was accidentally put into the roster for one day in its unfinished state before being promptly removed. Something similar has happened with the Flanker melee weapon, the Three-Rune Blade.
  • The current version of the map is not the first rendition of Blastport. The previous version of the map was accessible in VIP servers, and was near completion. In the end, Adamizer scrapped it and it has since been replaced with the more modern version.
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