The Brooklyn Basher is a melee weapon for the Flanker. It applies bleed damage to your enemy upon a successful hit, but damage yourself upon miss, idiot. This weapon encourages precise hits and heavily punish missing, however, its downside can be used as an upside to help your friendly Doctor build up Supercharge faster by rapidly hitting yourself so that his charge rate is always at maximum, they will thank you for it. In conclusion, the Brooklyn Basher is an amazing weapon for a competent player, not only can it helps you deal more damage it can also benefit your teammates, assuming you know what you're doing of course.


  • Time your hits, do not swing it unless you're very sure you can land the hit
    • Don't rapidly hit the fire button either, your target can die after the first hit, which means you're almost guarantee to hit yourself
  • Hold out the Brooklyn Basher and call for Doctor and alert to help them build Supercharge