""EAT THIS!"" ― A Brute line whenever he throws a consumable or dominating someone.


The Brute is based on the Heavy (Heavy Weapons Guy) from Team Fortress 2. He's a defensive specialist, specialized in area-denial and defending the objective, although he can still be used as a more offensive class. Due to his low movement speed, he will always be the last one to get to the battlefield. The Brute is also a damage tank class with his large health pool, greatly surpassing that of any other class.

Lunch Box items count as a taunt press G or just left click to use it If equipped with lunch box items!

You can also toss the lunch box items to help heal your team by pressing right click









  • The Brute's design is based on a Biker.
  • Previously, the Brute used to have the M249 primary weapon instead of his current Minigun.
  • The Brute's hair is from the catalog, along with many other classes, it is called the Mullet.
  • The Brute in the Typical Colors 2 logo is the old version of the brute.
  • The brute used to have a headband and a really saturated uniform.
  • The Brute was the first to appear in Arsenal, one of ROLVe Community's games and then Flanker and the others came along (see Skins).
  • He's the tallest class around mercenaries.


  • Know when to push and when to fall back, overextending can get you punished hard.
  • Speed is your main weakness, when retreating, use the shotgun to dish out damage while still falling back to your team.
  • A good Brute with a pocket Doctor can really demolish a team.
  • Remember to give your lunchbox item is somebody if their health is low, especially your doctor.
  • The M134 is great against Flankers since it slows them down. However, the M134 isn't really good compared to the other primaries.

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