""EAT THIS!"" ― A Brute line whenever he throws a consumable or dominating someone.


The Brute is a playable class in TC2 and is numbered fifth on the class selection menu. He is a defensive class specialising in rapid firing and tanking damage.

Based on the Heavy (Heavy Weapons Guy) from Team Fortress 2, he is a defensive who specialises in area-denial and defending the objective, although he can still be used as a more offensive class. Due to his low movement speed, he will always be the last one to get to the battlefield.

The Brute is also a damage tank class with his large health pool, greatly surpassing that of any other class.

Food / Lunch Box items count as a taunt, press G or left click to consume Lunch Boxes. Right Click will toss a health pack into the world for your teammates.


Minigun.png New Brass Biker.png New Tomislav.png M134.png New Maxine.png
Minigun Brass Biker Tomislav M134 Maxine
Shotgun.png Sub Shotgun.png New Family Business.png Ammo Hog Icon.png Burger.png Battle Burrito.png
Shotgun Sub Shotgun Family Business Ammo Hog Burger Battle Burrito
Turkey Leg.png ROBAR.png
Turkey Leg ROBAR
Fists.png Speed Coil.png Boxing Gloves.png Fists of Steel.png Gravity Coil-0.png Knuckles.png
Fists Speed Coil Boxing Gloves Fists of Steel Gravity Coil Eviction Notice
Golden Frying Pan


Football Helmet The Rider Shady Character The Casual Ugly Ursidae
Football Helmet The Rider Shady Character The Casual Ugly Ursidae
Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask
Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask


  • The Brute's design is based on a biker.
  • Previously, the Brute used to have the M249 primary weapon instead of his current Minigun.
  • The Brute's hair is from the catalog similar to other classes, it is called the Mullet.
  • The Brute used to have a headband and different clothing.
  • The Brute was the first to appear in Arsenal, one of ROLVe Community's games and then Flanker and the others came along (see Skins).
  • The Brute is the tallest mercenary, having a taller model than other classes.
  • The Brute currently has no Incoming / Yes / No voice lines.
  • There is a version of Brute from 2017, which featured a bike jacket, tanned skin, and wraps around some of his limbs. This version is hard to find and not listed.


  • Know when to push and when to fall back, overextending can get you punished hard.
  • Speed is your main weakness, when retreating, use the shotgun to dish out damage while still falling back to your team.
  • A good Brute with a pocket Doctor can really demolish a team.
  • Remember to give your lunchbox item to somebody if their health is low, especially your doctor.
  • The M134 is great against Flankers since it slows them down. However, the M134 isn't really good compared to the other primaries.
  • Remember to check your back and watch out for a Sniper Rifle dots. As the slowest class in the game, Agents can quickly catch up to you and Marksmen can land their headshots easier.
  • Jump around corners with your minigun spun up, this can help you surprise enemies and they may mess up the first shot.


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