The Burger is a secondary weapon for the Brute. When consumed, it heals the user by 300 health points. The consuming process is a 4-second taunt which cannot be skipped unless knockback is taken. It recharges after 30 seconds but it recharges instantly if consumed at full health. However, you're sacrificing an entire secondary slot which otherwise could've been used for a Shotgun which helps you retreat back to your teammates more safely, and you're very vulnerable while eating it. Though if you're comfortable with your positioning and tracking, you will find yourself enjoying this lunchbox item while a lot, as it offers you a quick healing option, allowing you to stay on the frontline much longer, as well as recovering from a fight. Overall, an amazing side-grade to consider using


  • Retreat to a safe location before consuming
    • Don't just eat it in a middle of a fight thinking it'll outheal any damage the enemy might deal to you.


  • The icon of the Burger uses the Double Cheezburger model, while the in-game model is a custom model.
  • This is the first lunchbox item to be added to the game.