Calamity is a Payload map that is themed around RED attempting to defend a bridge (and, consequently, their mining operation) from GRN's advancing bomb cart.

There are two Checkpoints across the track, one on either end of the bridge. Should GRN capture the second point, they will receive a forward spawn next to it to better equip them for attacking the terminus.

At GRN spawn, there are three exits. One exit is directly in front of the payload cart on the ground level. Another is on the second floor of the spawn room and to the left of the ground floor exit and is protected on two sides by metal barricades. The third exit is on the opposite side but still on the second floor, and opens to a balcony over a fenced-off collection of supplies. A small ammo kit can be found underneath the balcony on a pile of hay.

Following the cart track will lead you to an underpass only a few feet from the spawn. Inside the underpass are a small ammo kit and a small health kit.

On top of the underpass is an outbuilding, behind which has a medium ammo and medium health kit, not commonly taken due to the inconvenience of getting there. Inside the outbuilding is a small health and small ammo kit.

On the other side from the outbuilding is a wooden barricade, behind which has a medium ammo and small health kit.

Further down the track is another outbuilding containing a small health and small ammo kit. There is also a lower platform where a medium health and medium ammo kit are.

The bridge is split into two parts: Upper and Lower. There are ramps connecting the two parts.

On the upper section there is a medium ammo kit and small health about halfway across, along with plenty of cover to defend from.

Below are a small health and small ammo kit and entrance to RED's base.

RED's base is a big building on the opposite side of the bridge, there are three exits in RED's spawn, one leads to the sniper deck and some high ground, another leads to a big "balcony" that is above the tracks, this area is commonly used by Marksmen and Mechanics because GRN Agents cannot get up there, the last exit is right under the exit that leads to the balcony. (This exit isn't used often since you lose the high ground from the other exit)

The sniper deck is just a sniper deck with some cover for the marksmen, nothing too interesting. The high ground from that same exit has a small health and ammo pack, under that high ground is one of the two exits from the lower side of the bridge, the area has a small ammo and health pack, along with the lower bridge.


  • As a Mechanic, make sure to build dispensers as the map has very few medium or large packs.
  • On the first and second point, be very wary of Marksmen because the huge distance the bridge takes up is any Marksman's dream come true, this is true for GRN and RED.
  • On the final point, GRN should also be wary about Marksmen as the balcony exists which is really powerful, especially as a Brute or Trooper.
  • On the final point, USE THE BALCONY. The balcony is very useful for most classes, as it's in high ground and GRN Agents will normally not be able to get up there.
  • As a Mechanic on the last point, use the balcony by putting your sentry up there as its hard for anything to reach it and Agents cannot sap it.


  • This map was originally featured in Pre-Rehaul TC2 as Calamity, albeit lacking a flanking balcony next to GRN's forward spawn and the elevated spawn exit and sniper deck on RED's spawn, along with other minor edits.
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