The Chargin' Targe is a shield secondary weapon for the Annihilator. It grants resistance against fire and explosive damage, making the user way more tankier and harder to kill, as well as the ability to charge for a short distance at high speed when the charge meter is full. The longer you charge, the more powerful your melee attacks become, if you've been charging for 50% of the duration before attacking, your next melee swing will be a mini-crit, if it's 30%, it will be a critical hit. Unlike other shields, this one doesn't provide any special perks, instead, it provides way more resistance against two types of attacks than the other three. It encourages a more passive and defensive playstyle, staying near or behind the frontline and only pick on overextending targets, instead of a pushy and aggressive one. While not being nearly as interesting and versatile as the other shields, it's still a worthy contender for the role of a secondary utility


  • This is the only shield to not be from a Roblox gear