The Cleaner's Carbine is a secondary weapon for the Marksman. It takes the form of a silenced SMG. It has a meter which can be fill by dealing damage, using alt-fire when the meter is full grants the user mini-crits for 8 seconds on all of their weapons, but has a -25% slower firing speed and -20% smaller clip size. Mini-crits on demand can be a pretty powerful tool, especially when combo-ed with the Slash n' Burn. However, the carbine itself is very weak and deals pitiful damage compared to the Mac-10. Overall, it's a decent choice if you use your secondary solely to finish off targets with low health, as the Cleaner's Carbine allows you to do just that and better by being able to get free mini-crits from solely by doing what you should be doing. But if you rely on your damaging secondary for close range combat, you might just be better off sticking with stock instead


  • Try landing a couple of no-scope hits on your opponent before swiping out the Cleaner's Carbine to guarantee a kill and still be able to build up your charge
  • Whenever possible, do try to land a couple of chip shots here and there to build your charge if you know you can get away with it easily without much risk