The Concealed Carry is a secondary weapon for the Flanker, it has a 25% faster fire rate and the ability to heal the user by up to 7 hp on each successful hit depending on damage dealt, all for the price of -25% clip size, -25% max secondary ammo and -50% slower holster speed. Due to this, it can be used as a more effective finishing tool, with a free healing bonus, if you could land your shots. What makes the stock Pistol different from this weapon is that the stock is more controllable, though this might have more overall DPS, you have a better chance landing your shots with the Pistol, especially against an enemy Flanker or a moving target. But another way of using this concealed of a weapon is to use it as a portable Doctor that can be used in the fly, using its heal-on-hit attribute as its main purpose. While this might seem like a good idea on paper, you must know that you can only gain up to 27 health per clip, which means by the time you've gained a decent amount of health shooting at a Brute and risking your life for a pointless mechanic, you could've just spent getting the nearest health pack. While the healing won't do much, its firerate increase can really help finishing enemy off faster, leaving less chance of them getting away. It rewards landing your hits and punishes you for missing, as switching weapons will take longer and thus a hassle.


  • Use this to sneak in a few shots during an escape for some extra survivability.
  • The faster firing speed can be used to heal up some health from enemies that are escaping.


  • When the weapon was re-released in the sequel, it was originally named Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol before being changed to it's current name