The Construct is the stock PDA weapon for the Mechanic. It allows the user to build a Sentry, Dispenser or Teleporter depending on how much metal the user has. He can build the Sentry Gun, a building which shoots enemies from a certain distance with bullets and rockets that takes 130 metal to build. the Dispenser, a machine which gives you and your allies health, metal and ammo that takes 100 metal to build. And teleporters, a device which takes you and your allies to wherever you put the exit that take 50 metal each to build. Buildings can be upgraded using 200 metal to gain benefits such as higher DPS, faster healing and quicker recharge. Remember that disguised enemy agents can reap all benefits and be undetected by sentry guns with disguises, so be on a lookout when attending to your buildings.

Construct GUI

Building Table

Name Level 1

Health and Info

Level 2

Health and Info

Level 3

Health and Info

Sentry Gun 150 HP / 4 bullets per second 180 HP / 8 bullets per second 216 HP / 8 bullets per second and rockets Shoot enemies within a range except disguised enemy agents.
Dispenser 150 HP / 10HPpS, 20% ApS 180 HP / 15HPpS, 30% ApS 216 HP / 20HPpS, 40% ApS Heals and gives metal and ammo to allies and disguised enemy agents.
Teleporter(s) 150 HP, 10sec recharge 180 HP, 5sec recharge 216 HP, 3sec recharge Teleports allies and disguised enemy agents in a single destination.