Dam is a CTF map. It consists of 2 parallel sewage factories with a bridge in the middle crossing the waters. The buildings on both sides are spawns and flag points, where the building itself is very messy and complicated. There are rocks on the river which has packed on them. Following either side of the rivers lead to a sewage tunnel underground that goes up to the enemy's base. Following the side path goes through the building without sliding doors, allowing you to escape without the doors blocking you. Standing on the button on the 3rd floor on the enemy base will cause the front gates to open, allowing slow classes to move in and out quickly without having to go through the side passages. There are also instructions on Offense and Defense in the spawn room. This is one of the few maps to have 2 spawn points in the game(1st floor/3rd floor). Flankers are excellent on this map as they can defend the flag with high damage shotguns, get across the waters quickly and dodge any enemy fire.


  • The original map was called Epic but was unfitting. The map was released with the name Bridge but was changed to Dam not long afterward.
  • The roof of each base used to have an entrance that dropped directly onto the intel. It has since been blocked off. Originally the entrance was meant to be 1 way only but soon players found out they could Wall Pogo Jump out the hole so it was blocked off.
  • Theres a big button in each base that opens the gate in the front. Wich Allows your teammates to go in to capture the inteligence,Easily however if someone set up a sentry gun, You and your teammates should destroy it first. before getting inside.
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