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"Dietz Nuts! All meat nuts! Meat nuts!"

―Dietz & Watson.Audioicon.png

Dietz Nuts is a developer/contributor-only secondary weapon for the Trooper, Annihilator, and Brute.

Upon consumption, it heals the user 75 health per second over a 2 second taunt that can't be skipped, totaling 300 health points, followed by the excessive amount of healing particles emitted.

When thrown, it is treated as a full health pack, rather than the Brash Burger's standard medium health pack.

Healing and Function Times

Healing and Function Times
Healing amount Consumption / 300
Pickup / 100% of max health
Function times
Consumption time 2.1s
Recharge time 30s
Pickup despawn time 30s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Update History

November 1, 2021 (Typical Horrors)

  • Added Dietz Nuts. (Undocumented)


  • The model was taken from Dietz Nuts in the ROBLOX library.
    • The model in-game is modeled and textured after the bag in the "Dietz Nuts" commericals.
  • Upon deploying this weapon, what is assumed to be a choir chants "Dietz Nuts", presumably taken from its respective commercials.
  • Dietz Nuts is an inside joke among the Typical Colors 2 Discord, as the surge in popularity was mainly due in part to ExecutiveKrab's video[1].
  • Despite not being an official contributor, Blockhead_exe owns a Genuine version of the Dietz Nuts.
  • This weapon cannot be thrown when playing as Annihilator or Trooper; only Brute can throw lunchbox items.

Notes & Sources