The Direct Hit is a weapon for the Trooper. It has 80% faster rocket travel speed, 25% damage bonus, and can deal mini-crit against airborne targets by an explosion. However, it has -70% splash radius penalty, completely removing the Trooper's crowd-control ability, in turn for more damage against a single opponent. This weapon rewards accuracy and prediction while punishing you for fighting up-close and missing your shots. It is also an excellent choice against Sentry nests, due to the massive burst damage the Direct Hit offers, leaving the Mechanic close to no time to repair his buildings in time. The Direct Hit can be used against other jumping Trooper or Annihilator, a timed air-shot can shut them down pretty quickly. The Direct Hit can be used as a long range weapon for the Trooper, and a hard counter against enemy Marksman. This weapon also rewards good combo'ing ability, being able to deal mini-crit against an enemy launched by your own rocket upon a successful air-shot against them. Overall, the Direct Hit is a devastating weapon in the right hand, while lacking the splash damage and area-control of the stock Rocket Launcher, the Direct Hit more than make up for that with the ability to destroy any class in 2-3 hit from full health, being able to cripple a team in seconds


  • It's a good idea to practice prediction with moving targets
  • Missing your shots will get you punished hard, make sure to think before you do so