"Increase velocity by 26 units." - Doctor's "Go go go!" voice command.


The Doctor is the seventh class in-game. He is a support class who specializes in healing allies, including automatically healing himself.

Based on the Medic from Team Fortress 2, he's a passive and shy person, refusing to hurt people unless it is necessary.

The Doctor is a support generalist class, being viable in any situation. Just having a competent Doctor on your team can massively increase the odds of winning the game.

The Doctor is specialized in healing, although he does have decent offensive capability. His supercharge can change the tide of the match with the click of a button, being able to make himself and a teammate invincible temporary. While in this process of invincibility, the Doctor can briefly heal someone to give them invincibility for ~1 second then quickly switch back to their original healing target. This technique is known as "flashing."

The Doctor considered one of the most strenuous classes to perform by its constant decision making. Messing up one and could cause a failure to your team, although many are greatly forgiving. Another challenge is that everyone on the enemy team is targeting you, which could drive you into a bad mood.


Syringe Pistol.png Overdrive-0.png Diary Douser.png Crusader's crossbow.png
Syringe Pistol Overdrive Dairy Douser Crusader's Crossbow
Medigun Green.png Rejuvenator.png Kritzkrieg.png
Medigun Rejuvenator Kritzkrieg
Saw.png New Supersaw.png Amputator-0.png GPBG.png
Saw Supersaw Amputator Golden Frying Pan


Ushanka.png Civil Custodian.png Bowling Bob.png Open Mind.png Doughboy.png MilitaryDoctor.png
Ushanka Civil Custodian Bowling Bob Open Mind Doughboy Military Doctor
Bat Blockers.png Map Maker's Cap.png Ghast Mask.png
Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask


  • The doctor's primary was at one point a syringe gun similar to the one in Team Fortress 2.
  • The Doctor's beam used to be similar to the Dispenser's beam.
  • The Doctor's face has been the same since 2018.


  • Although Doctor does have pretty decent offensive tools, only engage in combat if you really have to or self-defence; any other class can deal damage better than you can, so leave it up to them.
  • Your supercharge is the most important thing you should remember. As stated before, it can greatly change the tide of battle and can easily make your team come out victorious
    • With that said, remember "Pop it, Don't drop it". If your life is in danger and you have a full charge, don't hesitate to use it on yourself to retreat back to your team
  • As a healing class, you should never focus on killing enemies, only kill enemies if they try are attacking you. Otherwise, your team may not be pleased with your actions.
  • You should stay in the backlines or the midlines but never be at the frontlines, the enemy is already targeting you and your patient and making yourself present is could get you killed very quickly. Never heal at the frontlines unless you have good cover and competent teammates. Remember you are a healing class, which means the enemy will try to kill you. Run or call your team to help you.
  • The Kritzkrieg is a medigun that can give whoever you're healing full crits. It is best to use this medigun with Troopers, Annihilators, and Arsonists.
  • The Rejuvenator is a medigun best used if your teammates are taking lots of damage during a round as the 40% heal rate this medigun offers can be useful for quickly healing allies back to full health.

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