NOTE: This map is no longer on the game.

Not to be confused with Doublefort Desk.


Doublefort is a CTF map for TC2. The bases have 3 floors (Sewer/Intelligence, Bridge/Courtyard, Spawns) and have two spawns, one near the battlements that also has a hole to lead down to a corridor that meets the entrance to Courtyard a wide-open area that has an entrance leading to the intelligence that is separated by stairs. The other spawn is inside the main base and is directly beside the courtyard. It has a bridge with a roof on top of it connecting the two bases across a pool of water. The roof can be accessed by classes that are the same speed or faster than Mechanic though very hard. The pool of water connects to a sewer system that houses a medium health pack and ammo pack that leads to the enemy base. In the lobby outside the main spawn, there is a spiral staircase that also leads down to the intelligence. There is a little drop-down besides spiral allowing for quick access to the lower floor. In the basement of the bases houses, a sheltered area of sorts with a resupply cabinet and a usual spawn door except you can never spawn here, you can use it to quickly hide from enemy fire and replenish your health and ammo. There is a medium health and ammo pack in the basement and it also houses the intelligence.

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