Doublefort Desk is a Vs Bosses Map which is only accessible via Vs Bosses servers. This map represents a desk. Players spawn underneath a stack of books. While the boss spawns on a platform floating above the control point. There are 2 chocolate ramps that go on to 2 Xbox Cases, both cases connected by a popsicle stick bridge. There are ramps that get you to the second floor at the back of the stack of books that access a second floor with a toilet.

There are health and ammo pack spawns behind the Xbox cases, quickly grab these as the boss tends to camp these spawns.


  • The ramps that go to the second floor were originally bouncing pads, although they were replaced by ramps due to them being broken.
  • The two platforms in the middle of the map are actually game cases for Xbox One games, them being Sniper Elite III and ROBLOX. However, ROBLOX is a digital-only game on the Xbox and Win10 store.
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