The Escape Plan is a melee weapon for the Trooper. When the weapon is active, your speed increases depending on your remaining health points, and scales the lower it gets, but you take 15% more damage with it out, making it risky to use. It also holsters and deploys slower based on your health, and deals 20% less damage, which means you're a sitting duck if an enemy does manage to spot you escaping with a low amount of health. A risk-reward weapon, it allows you to escape more easily if you know when you can safely escape, but punishes you for misjudging and let an enemy spot you doing so. Overall, a great utility to have, if you know how to use it properly


  • Only use this when you're sure no enemy can reach you in time, not in a pinch
  • At the least amount of health, your speed is enough to outrun most classes, use this as an opportunity to retreat to a health pack