The Family Business is a weapon available for the Trooper, Arsonist, Mechanic and Brute, it was contributed by LeBombastique. Its role varies between class but the most common one is being a secondary finisher. It has a 33% larger clip size, making the total to be 8 per clip, and is also 20% more accurate, making the spread more tight, which can be seen as both an upside and a downside. These two stats combine make for an interesting long range Shotgun with a large clip size, allowing the user to freely spam it for small chip damage. However, it comes with a 15% damage penalty, making the weapon less effective for quick, burst damage at close range. It's certainly an interesting side-grade, being able to dish out more damage overtime and rewards tight accuracy, while not being able to deal as much damage in a single shot at point-blank range. If you use your secondary as a clean up tool for weakened enemies, this can serve you well, but if you prefer using it as a backup hitscan weapon, the stock might be better overall


  • Remember that the spread is a whole lot tighter than the regular Shotgun, so do aim for the center of your target for maximum damage output
  • The Family Business used to have the stat: "20% more accurate", as it was removed in an undocumented update