"Buzz off!" ― Flanker, when saying "No" in the Voice Menu


The Flanker is based off the Team Fortress 2's Scout. As well as the Scout, he has a cocky personality and does not get along well with the other mercenaries.

His role on the battlefield is to flank and pick off enemies one-by-one using his fast movement speed and ability to double jump, the Flanker is very deadly in 1 on 1 close range combat, but very weak in long ranged combat compared to the other classes such as Trooper and Marksman.

Flanker can also capture control points quickly as he has a double capture rate, whilst the other mercenaries share the same capture rate.

As well as this, he can also push the payload cart twice as fast as the other mercenaries due to the aforementioned double capture rate.










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  • Flanker is the youngest mercenary in the lore.
  • Agent is confirmed to not be Flanker's mother by a developer, at least, not his biological mother.
  • Flanker has a double capture rate (x2)
  • When using bonus jumps from melee weapons with the Winger or Soda Popper, it will create a cloud effect and sound.
  • The Flanker's "DOCTOR!" and "Help!" voice commands use his classic voice commands. (Pre-Rehaul).
    • In a recent Patch Update, the face for the GRN Flanker was restored to its original "smirk".
  • Flanker was the second out of the nine classes to be added to Arsenal, another one of ROLVe's games. Brute made his debut in the game first before the remaining seven were added later on.


  • The flanker is specialized in 1v1 combat, so do not attempt to pick on multiple enemies at once.
  • Use your fast movement speed to your advantage, while you are in the middle of combat, attempt to juke or zig-zag around while you reload.
  • Use your shots patiently and be sure not to miss, 2-3 meatshots are all you will need to finish the job on most classes.
  • Even though the flanker has a double capture rate on the control point and the payload, he is actually not an ideal class to use when sitting on the objective due to his small health pool, instead, patrol near the objective and pick off targets attacking it, only attempt to capture the objective when you're sure that no one, including other teammates, are around.
    • Alternatively, you can attempt to strafe and run around on the point while picking off targets approaching, just know how to dodge from a potential Marksman headshot or to run when combat escalates and/or reinforcements arrive.
  • Pick off the more annoying enemies that are giving your team an issue, Like the Agents, Marksmen or other Flankers, although you should always leave this job to the Agent if your team has one.
  • With the Lupara and the Atomizer, you can perform quadruple jumps if you have enough time
  • Unless you are extremely far away from combat, it's best you do not use teleporters. You are using the fastest class in the game, after all.
  • Do not ask for healing from a Doctor unless you either really need it, or if you are the only offense class on the field.
  • It's almost always imperative that you take priority on picking off Doctors before any other class. Since you're the fastest class in the game, it's much easier to get in quick, down the doc, and get out safely. Your fast respawn rate will work in your favor as well if you die. To make it perfectly clear: Flanker. Hates. Doctors.
  • Considering your extremely high mobility, always take alternative routes into consideration. Your high close range DPS will work heavily in your favor if you can catch the enemy off guard at close range. The reverse is true in Capture the Flag; learning alternative routes can help you make a clean getaway.
  • Flanker is extremely useful for callouts. You cover ground faster, which in turn allows you to safely survey the enemy's movements if you manage to stay hidden. If you see anything that could help your team, tell them! It could change the game...

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