"Buzz off!" ― One of Flanker's No voice lines


The Flanker is one of the nine classes in TC2, enumerated first in the class selection screen. He is an offense class who specializes in capturing game mode aspirations and flanking opponents.

An analog of Team Fortress 2's Scout, the cocky and speedy Flanker's mobility is unmatched.

He performs admirably as a hit-and-run character, capable of picking off opponents one-on-one or diminish an assortment of opponents down, bit by bit. Lethal in confined quarters, the Flanker undergoes when fighting at extended ranges, particularly against classes such as the Marksman.

The Flanker is a prominent character for apprehending control points and pushing the payload cart, as he can do aspirations at twice the speed of other classes.


Lever Shotgun.png DB Shotgun.png Shortstop.png Baby Face Blaster.png Soda Popper.png Perceptionist.png
Lever Shotgun Lupara DB Shortstop Baby Face's Blaster Soda Popper Perceptionist
Pistol.png New Winger.png Conventional.png Concealed Carry.png Mad Milk.png Six Point Shuriken.png
Pistol Winger Conventional Concealed Carry Mad Milk Six Point Shuriken
Witches Brew.png Bloxy Cola.png Super Sneakers.png
Witches Brew Bloxy Cola Super Sneakers
Bat.png Candycane.png Holy Mackerel.png Atomizer.png Brooklyn Basher.png Three Rune Blade.png
Bat Candy Cane Holy Mackerel Atomizer Brooklyn Basher Three-Rune Blade
Wooden Sword BG.png Sun on a Stick.png Sandman.png Wrap Assassin.png Goldenfryingpan-0.png
Wooden Sword Sun on a Stick Sandman Wrap Assassin Golden Frying Pan

Cosmetic Items


  • The Flanker is the youngest of the mercenaries.
  • Despite a similar relationship existing in TF2, a developer has confirmed the Agent is not the Flanker's biological mother.
  • The Flanker's "DOCTOR!" and "Help!" voice commands use his classic, pre-rehaul voice commands.
    • In a Patch Update, the face for the GRN Flanker was restored to its original smirk.
  • The Flanker was the second out of the nine classes to be added to Arsenal, another one of ROLVe's games. Brute made his debut in the game first before the remaining seven were added later on.
  • RED Flanker has had the same face since 2016.
  • The Flanker is voiced by Bluay.


  • The Flanker specializes in one-on-one combat; fighting groups of enemies may be a bad idea.
  • Use his fast movement speed to your advantage, and zig-zag/move irregularly while in the middle of combat.
  • Take your time to aim and be sure not to miss, as 2-3 meat shots are enough to kill most classes.
  • While Flanker has a high capture rate for both control points and payloads, his low health pool should be taken into consideration.
    • Instead, patrol around the objective and pick off targets attempting to defend or attack it, only moving to capture the objective when there are no enemies around.
    • Alternatively, strafing around and on the point while picking off approaching targets can work. Just remember to fall back when groups of enemies move to fight you.
  • Use the Flanker's high speed and advantages in one-on-one combat to pick off enemies that give you and your team trouble, such as enemy Agents, Marksmen, Doctors, and other Flankers. This job can also be left to your team's Agent should you have one.
  • With the Lupara DB and the Atomizer, you can perform quadruple jumps with enough time in the air.
  • Unless you are extremely far away from combat, it's best you do not use teleporters and reserve them for slower classes. You are using the fastest class in the game, after all.
  • Picking off Doctors before any other class can have major effects on the battlefield. As you are the fastest class, you have an inherent advantage against these characters.
  • Your double jump opens up many alternative routes which can be used to flank the enemy and take advantage of your high close-range DPS. They can also be used to make a clean getaway.
  • The Flanker is very useful for callouts. You cover ground faster, allowing you to safely survey the enemy's movements if you manage to stay hidden.

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