NOTE: This map is no longer on the game.


Gorge is an Attack/Defense map that is removed and has 2 control points and 3 spawn points (2 for GRN, 1 for RED). The map takes place on a sewage river of some type, with 3 buildings acting as GRN's spawn, GRN's second spawn and RED's spawn. The first area seems to be a shipping yard with several crates and cargo carriers. With 3 exits for GRN to leave and multiple ledges for RED to defend. Upon entering the second building, there are flights of stairs leading to the porch on one side and the bridge on the other. Capturing the control point on the bridge will unlock the second GRN spawn and the next control point. This area has wide open spaces and a paved flanking route. The final building is large and has multiple hallways that end up leading to the RED spawn with the control point in front of it. This spawn is usually heavily defended and requires tough skill. There are health and ammo packs scattered around the place. Mostly within areas of fighting and defense.

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