The Grenade Launcher is the stock primary weapon for the Annihilator. It fires grenades that deal explosive damage in an area, making this good at destroying Mechanic nests. The grenades do have slow travel time and can bounce off walls, so be sure to adjust your aim for that. A few direct shots takes down most classes. Remember that the grenades also have a heavy arc, making direct combat slightly difficult if they back away or a fast class. However this does make it easier to hit targets from an angle below them.


  • As mentioned, the grenades travel slowly, has heavy arcing, and bounce off walls, use the weird qualities of this weapon to your full advantage to cover it's weaknesses.
  • Reload often and never in combat, the Grenade Launcher takes exactly 1 second per grenade to reload, making you lose precious time reloading and panic-shooting while being destroyed by every other class.
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