Harvest is a King of the Hill map. It's a shed with a broken roof with buildings across from it. In Vs Bosses version of the map it's surrounded by dirt walls that can't be jumped over. The upper levels of the buildings are perfect for Marksmen, with a smaller shed containing a health pack across from the buildings. These buildings also make it perfect for flanks. It's also a map in VS Boss.


After leaving the spawn, go through the buildings, but be careful as the chokepoints are narrow and a flank can destroy you easily. If you want to avoid that, go around the buildings, but try to avoid the sightlines of the Marksmen. Mechanics can set up a nest here, but try to be aware of Annihilators and Troopers. Then, head for the point. You're in a closed area though, so be careful.


  • This is also a VS boss mode map, in which the middle point cannot be capped.
  • Despite being named harvest, there isn't actually any type of harvest anywhere.
  • There's a second version of Harvest, which is a little bit smaller and more detailed.
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