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This is an unofficial, fan-made wiki for the Roblox game Typical Colors 2, a class-based shooter based off Valve's Team Fortress 2, containing reworked weaponry, classes, maps, and game modes both from the original game and ROLVe's designs.
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Recent Big Updates

July 31, 2021

Personal Statistics" tab is now functional

Added Longest Life/Time Played Tracker

Moved the Loading Tips to the Achievements menu

Several additions to achievements:

Added over 190 new achievements

Added viewable global achievement progress

DisplayNames are now a setting (Enabled by default)

Added new Disguise HUD with functionality

Added "Set Next Boss" and "Add map to vote" buttons to the VIP console

Added First Blood mechanics to Arena

Added Loadouts to the game

Added 2 new crates to the Store, with cosmetics from the workshop

Added an option to sell hats if you have more than 5 of the item

Fixed unusuals showing when you're in first person

Fixed some On/Off settings not loading correctly

Fixed Frontier Justice crits not showing

Fixed Stickies bouncing off of some parts of the map

Fixed Sour Shots covering the player who shot with lemonade on headshot

XBOX class selection screen is now fixed

XBOX's menu option for shop is now re-enabled

XBOX shop now disables everything when you’re going to equip something

XBOX Freeze glitch should be fixed

Bloxy Boy has a new original theme

Updated GRN’s Overtime theme so it doesn’t crack the audio

New Models

Viking Helm

Crankenstein (Previously the Panic Attack)

Bat Blockers

Added VIP maps











Pressing B now opens the shop

Pressing Numbers on the Class Selection Screen would result in that class being chosen

Selecting a class won’t lag spike anymore

Showing Friends in the leaderboard will not cause memory leaks

Mini ammo dropped from dead buildings no longer go through the world

Buildings destroy now play through the dead ammo so it doesn't awkwardly stop when the building dies

Resupply cabinets don't have a global cooldown, it has a cooldown per player instead

Destroying Sappers now shows in the killfeed

Doubled Mechanic's self knockback from sentries (except from rockets)

Rejuvenator blast jumps should work now with the mercy kill

Airblasting uses the same hit detection method for both players and projectiles

Minigun's 2 second timer of damage rampup starts at the start of windup animation instead of the end

Removed crits and mini-crits while shield charging (except the Ragin’ Bull)

Removed resistances on the ragin' bull and added the ability to mini-crit and crit while charging for it

Weapon Changes




Lantern Lighter



Moving Man


However, The Mechanic no longer has a speed penalty when hauling buildings


Efficient Eliminator

+25% charge rate

No move speed penalty while aiming

Lose scope on full charge

50% zoom reduction

Damage starts at zero when charging



100% minicrits from behind

-10% less pellets

20% slower reload speed

Mule Mauler

Is now a stock reskin


Grants Triple Jump while fully deployed

This weapon deploys 25% faster

15% slower firing speed

Triple Jump deals 10 self damage when used


+25% clip size

+20% faster firing speed

-25% less accurate

-20% damage penalty


Aerial Bomber

+60% faster projectile speed while blast jumping

+60% faster firing speed while blast jumping

Clip size increased on kill (up to +2)

-30% max reserve ammo

-30% explosion radius


Gain 50% of base health on kill which overheals

On Hit: Instantly kill enemies who are also wielding this weapon

Honorbound: Once drawn sheathing deals 50 damage to yourself unless it kills


Bikini Bomber


Shock & Awe

Deals mini-crits while the wielder is blast jumping

No self damage

Sticky Jumping

Takes less damage


First Responder

On hit: +2 health

-20% damage penalty

-70% less healing from healers

50% slower recharge rate for all rechargeable weapons

Eviction Notice

+40% faster firing speed

On Kill: Gain a speed boost

This weapon deploys 60% faster

-20% damage penalty

Recent Small Updates

August 21, 2021

Buying funds was enabled again.

Updated Localization files.

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