The Invis-Watch is the stock PDA weapon for the Agent. It allows the user to be invisible at will for up to 9 seconds, however touching enemy players or take damage will briefly reveal your location. It recharges itself when not active but can be refilled by picking up ammo packs. Being invisible will give you a 20% damage resistance from all sources.


  • Your burn and bleed duration get halved in two if you cloak! You only blink 2-4 times when on fire/bleeding when cloaked, use this to fool the enemy by going to a direction and when you stop burning/bleeding, going to the other direction.
  • NEVER CLOAK BEHIND PEOPLE. No matter how experienced a player can be, they'll likely hear you decloak, so cloak somewhere where they might not hear you. This is an exception when you think that the enemy hears sound louder than your cloak, e.g: A Brute revving his gun up, with the most vulnerable being a Brass Beast rev up.
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