"For the major weebs out there." ― Factionator1


The Katana is a melee weapon usable by both the Annihilator and Trooper. Like any other swords, it deploys and holsters slower but has a longer range. When active, any melee kill will instantly grants the user 50% of their base max health back, which will stack up to an Overheal, this allows you to get massive chain kills and team-swipes by healing off of enemies you kill. And as an added bonus, it instantly kills anyone who currently have it equipped in their loadout, and the same goes for you, this allows for some intense Katana duel between two players. But if you wasn't able to get a kill after it is fully deployed, you will lose 50 health when redeploying it, this punishes you for misjudging and not being able to get a kill, not only that, but you also suffer a -3 health per second when deployed, forcing you to make a choice between taking it off and suffer a 50 health penalty, or keep it active and have a constant health drain while you look for someone else to kill. Overall, it's an interesting weapon, rewarding timed picks but heavily punishing you for rushing and failing the pick. While dangerous and risky to use, the reward it offers is well worth it if you're able to pull it off


  • Have a Doctor healing you during the duration in which this weapon is active to negate the health drain
  • Only take it out if you're sure the kill is guaranteed, and that you can get it in a short amount of time


  • Its model is taken from a Roblox gear Katana
  • This is the first weapon to be usable by multiple classes
  • This is the only Sword weapon available for the Trooper