King of the Hill is a Gamemode in TC2. It focuses on a single control point at the center of the map, which is neutral and locked at the start of around. Both teams must go to the control point and capture it when it becomes available. Once the point is captured by either team their team clock will start a three-minute countdown. If the opposing team manages to take the point back, their clock will start it's countdown while the other team's timer stops at the time the point was recaptured. When the countdown reaches zero for a team, they win.

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List of KoTH Maps


Lakeside is a KoTH map that takes place at seaside ruins. The map seems to be a desert city with temporary modern fortifications.


Rooftop is a KoTH map that takes place on top of 3 buildings two are spawns for each team and one is the control point with a big antenna pole covering it.


Orange is a King of the Hill Map. It is a parallel fort with several buildings located in a sandy location, surrounded by tall dune walls that cannot be jumped over.


Himalaya is a King of The Hill map that takes place in a not-so-secret shipping yard in the Himalayas.


Product is a King of the Hill Map, which is a set of parallel railway buildings with the control point underneath the viaduct bridge. It takes place in the day and is surrounded by inaccessible buildings and forests.


Sawmill is a KoTH map for Typical Colors 2, It takes place in a sawmill. The map seems to be lumber.


Harvest is a King of the Hill map. It's a shed with a broken roof with buildings across from it. It's surrounded by dirt walls that can't be jumped over.

Testmap (VIP Server only)

Testmap is a map available exclusively in a VIP server.

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