The Kritzkrieg is a secondary Medigun for the Doctor. It has a 25% faster Supercharge rate, and gives the user and their healing target guarantee critical hits upon activating the charge. This weapon allows for heavier push, and can seriously cripple the enemy team due to the sheer damage it allows your healing patient to deal. An explosive class, such as the Trooper or Annihilator can make use of the crits with their splash damage capabilities, easily swiping out a large group of enemies. Although the Kritzkrieg might seem like an ideal tool for attacking, be aware of its main weakness, with is a sentry nest. Since buildings are completely immune to crits, this weapon is completely useless against them, it is advised to switch to stock if you know the defending team have a sentry nest ahead to easily take care of it. Overall, it is certainly a great tool under the right hand and circumstances, allowing the person you're healing to deal triple the damage at will, an excellent choice for both attacking and defending alike, despite its uselessness against a nest


  • Make sure the person you plan on using the charge on knows what they're doing beforehand