Lakeside is a KoTH map that takes place at seaside ruins. The map seems to be a desert city with temporary modern fortifications. The map is parallel with both spawns in a throne room. There are 2 paths that either lead to the left or right. Going left leads to a fort and under that is a path in which fewer players go to flank the control point. The right leads to a water room with a large health pack and the forts, between are staircases which lead to the control point. There are supply packs in special rooms in both directions across the forts and a medium health pack in the rooms closest to the sea. There are also large health and ammo packs on both sides of the control point. Players can climb the various crates and props to flank enemies in the forts and the map is wide enough for cross-map shootouts


  • Lakeside is one of the oldest Typical Colors maps.
  • There is a niche hiding spot you can find during the humiliation phase if your team loses. Over by the middle lane, there will be a barrel and a crate. The crate is about 45 degrees into the adjacent walls. You can hop in that space and crouch, and you will, for the most part, remain hidden.
  • In the past version of Lakeside, you can spot a GRN Flanker sitting on a beach chair, along with a few unidentifiable silhouettes off in the distance.
  • On May 30, 2020 the map name was changed from Seaside to Lakeside and has a new design.
  • As of now, this is the only map in TC2 CTE that is in public rotation
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