The Laser Rifle is a primary weapon for the Marksman. It is a futuristic sniper rifle that deals 10% more damage, 15% more damage to buildings (does not stack with previous) and penetrates enemies, however it has a -15% charge rate, cannot fire unless scoped-in and fires tracer rounds. Overall this weapon can be used for taking out a target and their doctor with same shot, however it is faster to quick-scope the 2 enemies due to the charge rate penalty. It can be used as a building buster as it is able to take out level 2 buildings in a single, fully charged shot. Allowing the user to take out certain buildings before they can even be repaired. You'll want to take out the Mechanic first because if you miss or take out an unimportant building first such as a teleporter exit, they'll mostly be able to see where you are thanks to the tracer rounds. So always be on the move. The damage bonus is pointless unless It is fully charged against a fully overhealed Brass Biker Brute. However it still takes 2 charged shots to kill.