The Lever Shotgun is the Flanker's stock primary weapon. Based off of the Scattergun from Team Fortress 2, it shares the same stats and functions. It has a 10 pellet count per shot and can hold up to six shells at once. Reloading the first shot will always be longer than the rest. It has no benefits nor downsides, and is an all- round weapon in virtually any situation.


  • This weapon has 2 reload sections. The 1st is where you prop the weapon for reloading, and the 2nd is where you do the actual reloading and insert shells into the weapon.
  • This weapon is (obviously) the TC2 equivalent of the Scattergun.
  • This weapon is based on the Winchester Model 1887/1901, with the wooden stock heavily modified.
  • The 1st difference between the Lever Shotgun and the Shotgun is that the Lever Shotgun's highest ramp up will be 10.5 per pellet, while the Shotgun's highest ramp-up is only 9 per pellet.
  • The 2nd difference between the Lever Shotgun and the Shotgun is that it will take 0.76 seconds to reload for the first shell and the other shells for 0.52 for the Lever Shotgun whilst the Shotgun takes a second to reload the first shell and the rest of the shells take 0.5 seconds to reload.


  • If you're having trouble aiming, use the natural movement Flanker has and strafe left to right, aligning your crosshair with the target.
  • To take down most classes, 2 or 3 meat shots would do the trick.
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