The Liberty Launcher is a weapon for the Trooper. It has a 25% increase in clip size, 25% increase in push-force bonus, 40% faster rocket projectile speed and 25% reduced self-blast damage. However, it also has a 30% damage penalty. It can be put as a hybrid between the Direct Hit and the Rocket Jumper, being able to land shots easier and take less damage for blast-jumping. However, this weapon's downsides will really come into play at ranged combat, against Sentry Guns and in Vs Bosses where damage is key. Arsonists. It can also be used for a mixed Trollper playstyle, allowing you to still deal damage and gives you an extra rocket to jump with. The push force bonus allows you to push back enemy power classes or combo with the Reserve Shooter. Overall, it's a mediocre alternative to stock, although the extra rocket can be helpful in certain situations, but more than most of the time the Direct Hit or even the stock can help you better, due to their higher damage output.


  • Although you deal less DPS, the extra ammo allows you to deal more damage than stock, assuming you land all the shots
  • If you are not familiar with rocket jumping, but don't want to use the Rocket Jumper because it completely remove your main damage dealing weapon, this is an excellent alternative
  • The less self-damage bonus does not stack with the Gunboats, but multiplies.