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The Start (Unfinished Lore)

The story began with the children of two British millionaires. Walter Johannes Gerhardt's son: Thomas Radulfus Gerhardt, and the son of Geoffrey Randolph Radisson: Reginald Alexander Radisson. The two boys were rivals since birth always finding a way to point out a different distaste for one another. Constantly picking on the other and making their lives a living hell. Rather than their fathers helping them resolve the issues, they had only spoiled them with riches and presents, hoping to blind the feud. Due to this nature, the two had grown expecting everything to be handed to them on a platter.

Their Fathers and Fitten

Their fathers were in business together, friends even. Their company was known as "Eco-Progression" (E.P for short). They worked to find a new clean resource to move the new era along in a healthy manner. Of course with their discoveries comes those who wish to claim it for themselves or destroy the progress made. Due to that Walter and Geoffrey enlisted the help of Joseph Fitten. Joseph is the owner of Fitten.Co, which is a massive weapons tycoon and as well as leading pharmaceutical company, with their slogan being: "If it wasn’t the best, better get it fit." Fitten was also known as "Sir, Mai morire" ("Sir Never Die"). The fathers hired various mercenaries, known as the Green Color to protect several locations from other trained mercs, the Red Color, hired by an unknown rival. As time moves on they've begun to get closer and closer to their goal. Upon near completion, the fathers were mysteriously assassinated. Assumptions had it that they had hired a hit on one another believing the other was the mysterious TRC, but nearly everyone didn't believe it.

The Children

At the time of their father's deaths, both Thomas and Reginald were at the rough age of 20. Thomas was left with full custody of the E.P by both Walter and Geoffrey due to his stupendous attention to detail and critical thinking, paired with his love for the planet. Reginald was left with the fortune of his father, all the money made by Geoffrey was given to him. Despite this Reginald was sour at his father and all he stood for simply because he was not left with that company. Since then Reginald had vowed to destroy all that which his father and Walter had built. The E.P was to be eradicated.

Thomas and The G.R.N

Thomas Gerhardt had taken the E.P with the same motives his father and friend had but slapped a new name onto it. The G.R.N [Gerhardt & Radisson Natural Restoration] showing the change as a tribute to the two before him, representing a change for the better and a progressive life that shall not cling to the past. Thomas' new beliefs lead him to attempt and befriend Reginald and invite him to the company. Reginald declined with hatred

Reginald and the R.E.D

Reginald's hatred grew more and more watching Thomas’s success. The renaming of the E.P and the offer to join gave him a final motive to oppose the G.R.N. Thus creating R.E.D [Reginald's Earthly Discoveries.] This company used horrid factory machines and chemicals to produce excavation tools used to strip mother nature of all of its resources. The G.R.N wasn't blind to these actions. His public appearance only made the G.R.N stronger.

Fitten Returns

After disappearing from the world as Walter and Geoffrey died, Fitten had returned healthy as ever! Seemingly unaged, his public return was noticed by Reginald. Knowing well that his father used this man to fight against others, he enlists Fitten to help murder Thomas. With new stock of Mercs and Fitten.-o brand supplies, Reginald waits for the correct moment to strike. Though little did he know for odd reasons, Thomas had his own set of Mercs, and Fitten, as a man of business, also supplies those mercs with weapons and supplies. Thus began the war between the G.R.N and R.E.D., still going strong as ever.

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