The Lupara DB is a primary weapon for the Flanker. It takes the appearance of a double barrel shotgun. It only has 2 shots in its clip, but fires 50% faster than the Lever Shotgun does. Upon firing, you will receive a slight knockback, you can use this to your advantage by firing it at the opposite direction you need to go while in mid-air, this trick can be use as a mini-jump, allowing you to reach hard to reach spots, increasing your overall mobility. If you deal 100 damage or more to an enemy, they will receive knockback depending on the range, this can be used to shove an enemy to a wall where it's harder for them to escape, and finish them with your last shot or your secondary pistol of choice. It has 20% more bullets per shot, but also a 10% damage penalty to balance things out. This weapon is designed for mobility, as well as encouraging a more "hit & run" playstyle, although less reliable than the stock, it can still serve you well in some situations


  • Use the mini-jump this weapon offers to take flank routes and surprise the enemy
  • The knockback can be used to help line up follow up shots with your pistol or knock them off the map or into your team. Use this to try and focus certain players/classes


  • This weapon replaces the Double Barrel Shotgun from Typical Colors
  • When this weapon was re-released in the sequel, it was originally called DB Shotgun, then Lupara, then finally Lupara DB
  • When the weapon was added, it only has only 24 reserve ammo, but was later buffed to 32
  • Lupara is an Italian word used to refer to a sawn-off shotgun of the break-open type