The Mad Milk is a secondary throwable weapon for the Flanker. It's a bottle of milk that makes a small splash upon contact with a surface or an enemy, an enemy caught inside the splash radius will be applied with the Milk debuff. While your opponent is under the effect of this debuff, dealing damage to them will grants you back 35% health based on the damage done. It helps you tank way more damage than you originally could, as well as supporting your teammates by throwing it at a group of enemies, or a tanky power class, allowing them to heal back damage done, and can also be thrown at a burning teammate to extinguish the fire, dealing so will instantly fill the meter by 20% (4 seconds), making the next recharge only 16 seconds. You can throw this at the ground to extinguish yourself, and still get the benefit as well. It allows the Flanker to take on a more supportive role, being able to assist his team in combat and is an all-around alternative, and a must-pick for a team player


  • Use it to find a disguised or cloaked Agent as the milk drops will still appears even if they're cloaked, same goes for disguises
  • Don't throw this at the start of a fight unless you're certain your enemy can't react in time, else you risk getting overwhelmed


  • This weapon replaces the Mad Malk from Typical Colors (not a spelling error)
  • Rather than an unknown substance, the liquid is simply natural milk combined with herbal healing substance