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These are all the maps that are currently in the game. Maps are the playing field in any game. Allowing your character to move around in a certain space is considered a map.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

The goal for both teams is to capture their enemy's Intelligence continuously until they have reached the game's capture limit whilst preventing their enemy from achieving the same. If no team completes the capture limit before time runs out there will be an overtime

Map Name Mode
Turbine Turbine CTF
Doublefort Doublefort CTF

King of the Hill (Koth)

King of the Hill focuses on a single control point at the center of the map, which is neutral and locked at the beginning of the round. Teams must make their way to the control point and capture it when it becomes available. Once the point is captured by a team, their team clock will start a three-minute countdown. If the enemy team manages to capture the point back, their clock will start counting down while the other team's clock freezes at the time the point was recaptured. A team wins once they own the point and their clock runs down to zero.

Map Name Mode
Sea Seaside Koth
Hi! Himalaya Koth
Orange new Orange Koth
Koth warmtic Warmtic Koth
Roaoaoaoaoaf Rooftops Koth
IFORGOT Viaduct Viaduct Koth


The game revolves around capturing and defending various control points and other team denying it.

Map Name Mode
CreeperAwman Gorge Attack/Defend
Duskbowl Dustbowl Attack/Defend


GRN team must escort a cart full of explosives through a series of checkpoints to RED's base while RED team is trying to stop it from reaching the blast zone.

Map Name Mode
RobloxScreenShot20190913 194740211 Calamity Payload
NO IMAGE Blastport Payload

Boss Server

it revolves around the RED team trying to defeat the boss.

Map Name Mode
Harvest Harvest (Boss) Vs Boss
RobloxScreenShot20190507 161900962 Doublefort Desk Vs Boss
Whole Wholesale Vs Boss
RobloxScreenShot2019052 161254516 Pineyard Vs Boss

Other maps

Removed maps

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