The Marksman is based on the Team Fortress 2's Sniper. Thanks to his Sniper Rifle he is a long-range pick specialist, being able to kill important targets from far away. Like the Sniper, he is effective at longer distances, but weaken as his target closes the gap. The Marksman can instantly kill any class with a headshot, dealing 150-450 damage depending on the charge rate. The Marksman is an excellent pick class if the user has enough skills to use his full potential, but his biggest weaknesses are other pick classes (Flanker, Agent, Marksman)


Coming Soon

  • Huntsman (Longbow)
  • Golden Frying Pan



  • The Marksman originally has a different appearance, but he was redesigned recently


  • Stay near some teammates, so if a flanker came out of nowhere, you have someone to protect you
  • Do not go into tunnel vision for a long period of time, it'll just make you get killed
  • The light pointer indicates the place your gonna snipe but remember your enemy can see it so put it on the side so your enemy will not see it