"Thanks, I needed that." - One of Marksman's "Thanks" Lines.

The Marksman is the eighth class in the game. He is a support class who specializes in eliminating important opponents.


Based on Team Fortress 2's Sniper, thanks to his Sniper Rifle, he specializes in long-range target picking, being able to kill important targets from far away. Like the Sniper, he is effective at longer distances, but his effectiveness weakens as his target closes the gap.

The Marksman can also instantly kill any class with a headshot, dealing 135-450 damage depending on the charge rate. If the user has enough skills to use his full potential, he poses a great danger to the other team. However, his biggest weaknesses are other "pick" classes (Flanker, Agent.)


M40 Laser Rifle Sour Shots New Poacher's Pride Skullbuster NoBGEfficient Eliminator
Sniper Rifle Laser Rifle Sour Shots Poacher's Pride Skullbuster Efficient Eliminator
Png (1) Huntsman Urban Upriser
Classic Huntsman Urban Upriser
Mac-10 New Cleaner's Carbine Lemonade Turtle Rock Cozy Camper Razorback
Mac-10 Cleaner's Carbine Lemonade Turtle Rock Cozy Camper Razorback


Machete Tribalman's Shiv Slash n' Burn Camper's Climber GPBG
Machete Tribalman's Shiv Slash n' Burn Camper's Climber Golden Frying Pan


Idk Sheik The Rifleman 6504817a136e57f7bea95e3b640b7cf4 Omniscient Oculi HuntersSlouch
Outlaw Hunter Sheik The Rifleman Dead Eye Omniscient Oculi Hunter's Slouch
GIJoe Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask
GI Joseph Bat Blockers Map Maker's Cap Ghast Mask


  • Before and during the Rehaul phase, Marksman has had a much different appearance, having a brighter complexion, sunglasses, and being much younger (beardless). And also shared sounds, (the Hurt and Death sounds) with the Sniper from Team Fortress 2.
  • If the Marksman dies, no matter what team he's on, he'll have his 2018 RED face.
  • During the Rehaul phase, instead of the MAC-10 that we are all used to, the Marksman had a TEC-9. There wasn't much of a difference between the two though, save for being slightly more accurate and a slightly slower rate of fire.
    • Sometime before Prehaul, Marksman had a Magnum Pistol, which shared some similarities to the Desert Eagle and had similar stats to The Agent's Windicator (Revolver).
  • Marksman used to have a taunt during pre-Prehaul, where he would kneel down and tip his hat, a little bit similar to sniper's melee taunt.
  • Marksman Currently has no Go Go Go!/Incoming!/Yes/No Voice lines
  • Marksman has the Unit 1968 voice lines
  • Marksman's Current stock rifle is the M40 Rifle from Arsenal. it shares the same look and firing rate and damage.


  • It is a wise decision to stay near some teammates while moving positions, so if an enemy mercenary came out of nowhere, a Flanker, for example, you will have more than just a MAC-10 and a Machete to keep you alive.
  • Remember that scoping in for a long period of time is not the best of ideas, as it loses a significant chunk of your peripheral vision, leaving you open to enemy attacks, and possibly other Marksmen.
  • If you see your dot collide with either a teammate or a piece of the air, that teammate is a disguised or an invisible agent.

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