""Let a real mechanic do the job!"" ― Mechanic,When dominating another Mechanic.


Based on the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, he takes the appearance of a construction engineer. He has black suspenders, GRN or RED button shirt with a white t-shirt under it, Mechanic Goggles not covering his eyes, and a brown leather glove on his right hand (this replaced with a robot glove with the Gunslinger equipped.)

The Mechanic is a sixth class in-game. He is smart and straight to the point kind of person. To him, everything must go according to plan. The Mechanic is a defense (or can be supported) who specializes in defending the core point for teammates, his sentry utilized as an area-denial tool, and his dispenser and Teleporter utilized as support to his team.

The Mechanic is a strenuous class to perform, by how much multitasking a player has to do playing as him: dispenser placement, keeping up a consistently protected Teleporter to the frontline, all the while the entire enemy team wants you and your sentry gun destroyed. It is common to encounter many Mechanics who use the "Turtle" playstyle (utilizing the sentry as a method of cover, and a dispenser behind you for heals and metal, used to repair buildings). Your sentry should always be placed BEHIND the frontline limit, punishing overextending and flanking players, and always moving gear forward and back depending on the situation. Their dispensers are to be placed near chokepoints, areas where players would retreat to when they're wounded. The Mechanic's Teleporters are undoubtedly the most influential building in his pocket as they can quickly teleport power classes back to the front line immediately and can drastically change the tide of the game.


Shotgun Family Business Ammo Hog Icon.png Einsteinium Widowmaker Frontier Justice
Shotgun Family Business Ammo Hog Einsteinium Widowmaker Frontier Justice
Rescue Ranger Bullet-Stormer Gutbuster
Rescue Ranger Bullet-Stormer Gutbuster
Pistol Noisy Cricket Conventional Wrangler Short Circuit Heavy Metal
Pistol Noisy Cricket Conventional Wrangler Short Circuit Heavy Metal
Wrench Southern Hospitality NAP.D.Q.E Eureka Effect Gunslinger Golden Wrench
Wrench Southern Hospitality P.D.Q. Eureka Effect Gunslinger Golden Wrench
Buildings Construct Demolish
Buildings Construct Demolish


Cowboy Hat Mining Light Safety First Terror-Vision VR Helm Bat Blockers
Cowboy Hat Mining Light Safety First Terror-Vision VR Helm Bat Blockers
Ghast Mask Haunted Headgear Map Maker's Cap
Ghast Mask Haunted Headgear Map Maker's Cap


  • Don't go down with the ship. If your buildings are being overwhelmed by enemies, just flee and set up another nest ahead. Your life will always be more important than a few more desperate kills.
  • When one of your buildings are being sapped, make sure to always kill or chase away the Agent before you fix your building back up. If you don't, you will be prone to her backstab.
  • You can see the location of nearby health and ammo kits through walls. Use this knowledge on new maps to learn the locations of metal resupplies and on all maps to possibly suss out an enemy Agent refilling on cloak or health before going in for the kill.
  • A suggested load out is PDQ,rescue ranger and Conventional.The rescue Ranger is a great tool for your sentry,the conventional is a good self Defense weapon and the PDQ is one of the best wrenches for setting up a sentry.


  • Your sentry should ALWAYS be watching over an objective, flanking route, or choke point.
  • Your sentry is not meant to be an offensive tool. Remember why it is in the Defense category.


  • Do not be greedy. Your dispenser is for your team, not a source of metal and ammunition for you and you only.
  • Place your dispenser near where your team is fighting. If they do not have a Doctor on their team, the healing your dispenser dishes out could be just enough to give them the upper hand.
  • Unless your objective is in drastic need of protection, always set down a Dispenser first, so you have metal for the Sentry Gun and Teleporters that you will need to set down as well.


  • You should constantly have a teleporter set up for your team.
  • Use M-2 (right mouse button) to rotate where your teammates will be facing when they exit your teleporter. It is a good idea to have their back faced at a wall and not the open, or else you risk an Agent killing your team with predictable backstabs, otherwise known as "telecamping," with ease.


  • Mini-Sentries are the buildings you should put the least care into, as they have 100 health and they force you to fight with your shotgun and your choice of pistol.
  • Mini-Sentries are nothing to cry about when they get destroyed. Just build them up again as they're meant to be more of an inconvenience for the enemy than being an actual defence tool.
  • Mini-Sentries are also effective as a backup tool to increase your DPS if you play like a frontline class. Simply haul the Mini-Sentry and place it down as you plan to engage, using your Shotgun to draw attention from the Mini while it rebuilds itself.
  • In addition, Mini-Sentries can be used as a cleanup tool if you meet an unfortunate end near one.


  • The Mechanic's design today is his fourth design, the original design had him wear Teamcolored overalls over a white shirt with no gloves, his second design had his modern head accessories with Black overalls and a Teamcolored shirt with rubber gloves, and the third design is similar to his fourth and second design with a slightly "wilder design."
  • In Typical Colors 1, the Mechanic only had a sentry gun and unique stock weapons.
  • His unique Primary was a Mechanical Shotgun, with a similar appearance and function to the Ammo Hog, although they did not share any stats other than the 4-round magazine capacity.
  • His unique Secondary was a Reverse Engineered Pistol, which maintained an appearance similar to the Pistol from Team Fortress 2. However, it functioned similarly to the Marksman's TEC-9 from the Rehaul phase, where the pistol was fully automatic and had a 30-round magazine capacity.
  • His sentries used to look similar to the TF2 sentries in TC1.
  • He's the shortest Class of all the mercenaries.
  • The Mechanic is voiced by mightybaseplate.
  • While playing as Mechanic, one can see the location and size of health and ammo packs nearby through walls, represented by appropriate icons.
  • The Mechanic used to be called "Builder".

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