The Noisy Cricket is a secondary weapon for the Mechanic. It takes the form of a futuristic alien blaster. It gives metal upon damage dealt on hit and a +50% damage bonus. Allowing you to regain metal without the use of the Widowmaker. This gives you an option to gain a small amount of metal back quickly while being on the frontlines, without needing to fall back to your territory. However it has a -50% smaller clip size, -75% secondary ammo and 200% slower firing speed. Making use of damage dealing and spamming very terrible. It rewards hitting your first accurate shot with extra metal, but heavily punishes you for anything else. Overall it's good if you manage to spend all your metal, but completely useless anywhere else.


  • If you have the opportunity, remember to use it against low health enemies to earn some free metal


  • The model was taken from a Roblox gear NeKotikoz-Phaser
  • The Noisy Cricket is a reference to the weapon from Men in Black