Orange is a King of the Hill Map. It is a parallel fort with several buildings located in a sandy location, surrounded by tall dune walls that cannot be jumped over.

There is a large, rolling field in between the middle point, which composes of a Marksman fort, and a large building containing ammunition, ideal for a Mechanic's source of metal for his Buildings, or flanks and infiltrations from Agents and Flankers, one for each team's side.


There are 2 general ways to access the middle. Upon leaving your team's spawn point, head out the general area of the spawn point, and run through the coverless field to make your way to the middle control point. This can make you vulnerable to enemy Marksmen, however. Another, the more conspicuous direction is to head across the field to the team-colored building to the opposite of each team's spawns. You can either go inside the building, (which contains a large ammo crate) or around the building for a flank or infiltration. this tactic is ideal for Flanker, Agent, or Marksman classes.


  • Orange temporarily was a CTF map some point after the Rehaul phase, as evidenced by the intelligence capture points near each team's spawns, but it was removed for an unknown reason.
  • Orange isn't actually orange. Nothing rhymes with orange either. Who am I? Why am I talking about oranges?
  • Orange used to have a big spawn.
  • Orange used to have a Big Orange tower on the Middle to Cap thats why the name was Orange.
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