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"Push the payload along the tracks by standing near it. Capture checkpoints to secure more time, reach the end to win!"

"Stop the enemy from pushing the payload. Standing near it blocks its' advancement. Drain the timer to secure the win."


Payload is a gamemode in Typical Colors 2.

The objective is that GRN team tries to move a bomb cart into a hole where the RED team's base of operations is. The bomb starts at the G.R.N team's base and the team has to move it by standing around it, certain classes move it at different speeds, the Flanker moves the cart at 2X speed, whilst the other classes move it at 1X speed, the speeds stack if multiple team members are moving the payload. If no one is moving the cart, after 15 seconds it starts moving backwards.

If a member of the RED team moves into the radius of the payload while a GRN member is on it, the payload stops moving. When the RED member is killed, the cart continues moving, if the GRN member is killed then the 15-second timer starts.

There are also multiple checkpoints, one of which giving the GRN a spawn closer to the payload and ending checkpoint.


  • As an Annihilator, it is possible to place stickybombs amongst the Payload to trap the cart. Stickies can also be hidden by being placed directly in front of the cart.
    • Stickybombs do not move alongside the Payload cart. Think before you lay.
  • The payload grants an infinite, sustainable metal source for GRN Mechanics.
  • During the setup, all buildings are instantly leveled up to their max. As a RED Mechanic, it is recommended to place down as many buildings as possible, they only need to be placed during Setup to receive their maximum level.




  • Different maps use different Payload cart models.
  • CookiesInOJ created the 2020 model and the 2021 model designed by Green_Sama.
    • Toad_86 created the 2016 model.

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